My Story 


I’m an Explorer, Artist and Visionary. My passion for Travel has taken me around the world, with each experience shaping my Art, Design and Spirituality.

My hospitality career began in Asia, where I studied Feng Shui in Hong Kong with Grand Master Leung, and earned the title, Grand Master upon his passing. As the only American woman to hold this distinction, I returned to the U.S. and built of one of the most prestigious Interior Design firms in NYC and Los Angeles, where Celebrities, Fortune 500 companies, prominent hotels and cultural institutions still call on my expertise.

In the early days, as a way to ease my clients into this unheard-of Ancient practice, I created an eponymous line of Wellness Products for both the Home and the Body. I originally designed these everyday products to assist my clients in keeping their space and body in good energy flow after an at-home private consultation and coaching. I loved creating my signature candles and spray mists. They’re made from organic herbs and plants infused together in tinctures I learned off-the-beaten path; which is everywhere from the most exclusive resorts and islands to working locally with Shamans, Visionaries and Healers.

I’m proudly one of the first to introduce Feng Shui and bring Sustainable Products into the American Home.


Every cShashona Design is Made with Intention.

Every color, gemstone and texture is specifically chosen to create positive energy to the wearer.  My candles and spray mists are no exception. Each are hand-poured and packaged in Blue Bottle Glass from London. I specifically chose this shade because it recalls the Azure Sea and Sky found in the Mediterranean. Blue is calming; but more importantly, it’s the color in Feng Shui associated with Communication and other Healing Arts.

I’m the first Artist to apply the principles of Feng Shui to modern-day personal lifestyle. When all my clients saw great success in their personal and professional lives, it inspired me to write, Feng Shui Chic. I’ve also been a contributor and guest writer for publications around the world; including the highly regarded, Feng Shui for Modern Living Magazine in London.

Because I’m Curious and Rebellious, I wanted to push the envelope again; breaking through, this time, into the world of High Fashion and Couture Design.  My eponymous Jewelry Collection is created to became a portable energizer for my private clientele.  I chose this medium because it challenged me as a Designer to offer healing energy while also beautifying and magnetizing every wearer, in every price point.


My newest venture is called, Sensory Design® – Live Life in Harmony, the Five Essences.  As an Activator, each workshop builds on my experience as a Designer and Feng Shui Master.  I work closely with Eastern and Western Astrological Principles. This helps me understand each Soul’s Journey in this time and place, and provide you with an unparalleled personal service.

My goal is to educate my clientele, helping them attain a more harmonious lifestyle. Sensory Design® uses different modalities to connect clients to their Five Essences. These modalities are: Designing, Coaching, and Lecturing.

My Jewelry Collection retails at Barney’s New York, and draws from every aspect of my life, including my love of Luxury Living. Because of my Interior Design background, each collection is detailed with the precision of an Architect to showcase the gemstones’ natural beauty while flattering the wearer in every light.

 “Live Life in Harmony, the Five Essences for Wellness."



About My Jewelry – Jewelry Warrior

A collection of jewelry that incorporates the tenants of Feng Shui to create harmony and balance. Each necklace and bracelet is jewelry to be worn on the left wrist of the wearer, signifying “energy of life”.

The Jewelry Warrior stones represents growth, harmony, prosperity and health. Each collection is designed to actively stimulate the flow of energy through the body and universe. The coin represents new beginnings and promotes protection, generating flow and infusing power.


Education and Credits

Recognized as the only Asian trained American Grand Master in Feng Shui; she was trained in both the Compass and Black Hat Tantric Buddhist Schools. Following her training, cShashona worked with Louise Haye and Barbara Brennan to help establish the Center of Living in New York, a destination promoting health and wellness.  She also studied under Dr. Annemarie Colbin, the originator of Macrobiotics. To add to her credentials, Carole is a graduate of the New York School of Interior Design (and an accredited member of the ASID), and the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology, in Fashion & Design.